The first thing you need to know is that I grew up in Equatorial Guinea in Africa and that Corisco is an island that belongs to this country. However, I grew up in the capital, Malabo. Corisco is a small island where most of my family comes from. It is sort of a mini paradise island. The sand is totally white, there are palm trees, beaches (duh), birds, alligators, turtles, loads of natural resources such as, bananas, coconut, nuts, fish and many other things, also part of the wild life. People live peacefully there and before they didn’t have much contact with the outside life.


My family and I in front of Corisco’s airport honouring my gran father’s name.

However, since the construction of new mini port and a new airport (even thought the airport is not functioning yet), many more people are arriving to Corisco practically on a daily basis, specially to work. Which has its downs and ups, because while the island is being developed economically, the landscape is slowly being destroyed, and I don’t like that.

It has been seven years since I last visited Corisco. I used to like walking in the sand, picking up shells, gathering snails to then eat them (by boiling them and adding lemon, for what is worth, they are amazing), getting a tan, drinking coconut water…and many other things that the island offered me. Nevertheless, even though the island was the same, it had changed as I did as well. The beach surrounding my great grand father’s small village had reduced leaving us with just a few meters of sea side. Plants were surrounding most of the village and you could barely see the white sand. Yes…many things had changed. However, for me it was still beautiful.


I will divide my trip into categories, because I find it easier to condense the information and I think you’ll understand it better.



Our journey began in Malabo, evidently. From there, we took a plane to Bata, the second most important city in EG. We used the company Punto Azul, but you can also find others such as Cronos, Guinea Cargo (I believe) and Ceiba.

Victoria, my little sister.

Victoria, my little sister.

We spent the whole day in Bata, resting, eating local food and preparing ourselves for the road trip we were going to start the next day.

We bought food, things to make sandwiches, snacks, drinks and enough food to survive the 1:30 hours from Bata to Kogo and the time we had to wait until our boat departed. We also bought the essentials for a day an a half in corisco. Sunscreen, shower gel, shampoo, an SD card for my GoPro (yeah…that was an essential) and other things…

The next morning we had to wake up at 4:30 am to depart at 5:00 am in order to arrive at around 7 am to Kogo. We were told that the boat was departing at 8 am and then 9m. However, once we got there it didn’t depart until after 10 am. Luckily we were there early and we could find space in the boat with our car because there were a lot of people who wanted to go as well.


The trip by boat was around 3 hours. I spent most of the time out side admiring the sea and the landscape(when there was). However, I didn’t have sunscreen with me, which wasn’t a very good idea and I ended up burning my back, shoulders and arms (Yikes!)

Kogo seen from the boat.

Kogo seen from the boat.


Inside the boat.

Inside the boat.

Alexandra, my little sister.

Alexandra, my little sister.


Approaching Corisco.

Approaching Corisco.


Evidently Corisco, as I said is a small island, therefor, other than the beaches there is not much to see but I will still show you some of the most important places in the island and I must apologise because in one day and a half I didn’t have the possibility to visit two of the most important and beautiful places of the island. The caves and Joco (pronounced hoco) which is an natural extension of the island made of totally white sand.


Airport’s surroundings


The new church in the process of being built


My grandfather’s grave


Magane Say, my great grandfather’s village. The Abba, small place where we have lunch


The other houses that belong to my G. Grandfather and others in my family






My dad, Mom, Great Grand mother and sister




My mother picking up sand




A new hotel owned by Chinese people






To be honest, I didn’t take many pictures of the food because I normally jumped straight away into eating but I do have a few pictures of food.

IMG_7877 IMG_7879

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 21.21.06

That’s the lunch we had the day we arrived, it was delicious. There were more things on the table but I only picked up the fish, the fried banana and the bread fruit. The three most typical things you can eat in this island. Appart from that, as I mentioned before, you can also eat sea snails/crabs (Bilola), turtle, other fruits such as coconut, nuts  and other things that people might grow in their own plantations.


As I said, in  that small amount of time I didn’t have much time to do many things but what I did essentially was wandering around the beach, thinking about my own things, I took pictures, played with my little sisters in the beach, ate, sung, ate again, played riddles with my family, be totally off of social media, visit some places in the island, new things that were being built, sleep, trying to get a tan and bathing in the beach a little bit. There is not much to do in an island like that but it is good if what you want is to disconnect from the world for a little while.


Anyways, that was pretty much it but I will leave you with key tips if you want to visit Corisco. Some tips that I wish I followed while I was there.


1. Always wear anti – mosquitoes lotion, it can literally save your life. Well, to be honest the mosquitoes there are not very dangerous and they don’t have malaria but they are very annoying and they leave you with pretty ugly rashes.

2. Sunscreen, ALWAYS! I wish I had used it when I was in the boat…oh dear…well, especially if you are as white as me, please use it…it’s for your own good. It hurts afterwards if you don’t use it.

3. Glasses, hat…all of that…essential.

4. Hydration, Water : Very important. It is hot! Too hot!

5. Travel light, only with the essentials. A small suitcase and a small bag. I recomend small traveling containers for your gel, shampoo, body cream…etc.

6. Bikinis, swimsuits…definitely essential. It’s pretty much what you’ll be wearing most of the time.

7. Never wear something light during the night. It attracts mosquitoes and bugs. I learnt it the hard way.

8. Wear long sleeve shirts and trousers during the night. It is optional but it will help against mosquitoes.

9. Plan your trip. You don’t want to be all stress out in your holidays, so plan every part of the itinerary so that everything runs smoothly with none or few small changes along the road.

10. Bring music for the road trip. It will be a good company.

11. Bring analogic entertainment. The point is to disconnect a little bit. Table games, cards, riddles…etc, they are fun and they will connect you with your friends and family.

12. Be open minded. Not everything will turn out like you expected or not everything will be like you thought it would be, but don’t let that put you off and enjoy.

13. Have fun, relax!

Well, I hope you liked the post. If you want, you can share it and if you have any question leave a comment and I will happily answer you. Thank you for reading. 🙂

-leah ❤


5 thoughts on “CORISCO ISLAND

  1. Really enjoyed reading this, I liked many pictures and all of nature that there is and it’s a bit more of the beauties that exist in the world , very good for you Leah who have the good fortune to enjoy that place , I hope someday go 👏👍

    • The hotel is already open but very unactive, since it only works when people do go. It’s managed by the same people that manage the Kogo Hotel, so they have to come and go whenever they have clients. I spent new years at the Corisco hotel for about 5 days. As per the airport as far as i know it only works for private flights but there are other ways you can go to Corisco. It’s only 3 hours by boat. I recommend you to visit it.

  2. With your permission, I will use a few of these photos (not photos with people), but photos of the beaches, to promote tourism, on the site “”. I will give you credit at the bottom of the page. As you can see if you want to visit the site, the site’s purpose is to promote tourism and charity. At this time the site has no sponsors and no revenue. Thank you.

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